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Fixtures for 2017

The four club Trials are to be run as a series again, with the three best scores to count towards the overall result.

Club Championship Rules

Wessex Centre Grading list

Club Championship Points tables

26th February 2017- Avery Trial (Wessex Championship Round)

2nd April 2017- 1st Club Trial. (Club trial)

29th May 2017- Charity Trial (ACU Open)

25th June 2017- 2nd Club Trial. (Club trial).

23rd July 2017- Abbottside Enduro. (Open to all ACU members)

24th September 2017- Hawkesbury Trophy Trial (Wessex Championship Round).

22nd October 2017- 3rd Club Trial. (Club trial).

30th December 2017- 4th Club Trial. (Club trial).

Club Events are for members of the Kingswood Motorcycle club.
Wessex Events for members of any Wessex Centre Club.
Open Events for members of any ACU club/ Licence holder.